Hello!  My name is Allison and I adopted my dog Rylee (formerly Bella) as a puppy from Whatcom Humane 4 years ago. My sweet girl is FULL of sass and energy!  I work at a dog daycare, so Rylee gets to come to work with me and play with all of her friends (she’s got a soft spot for huskies).  On weekends she enjoys hiking and going to the beach. She LOVES the water and snow, and would swim all day if I let her! Rylee is incredibly smart and loves learning new tricks, our favorites are “spin”, “crawl”, and “find it!”.  On our more relaxing days, Rylee likes to lay in bed and snuggle, or sunbathe in the yard while we garden.  Anyways, thank you again for everything you all do!  Rylee and I appreciate every one of you.