Pet Licensing

You can license up to three pets using this form. If you have any questions regarding licensing, you no longer own your pet or they have passed away, please e-mail or call (360) 733-2080 ext 3017.

Licensing for dogs (and sometimes cats) depends on where you live within Whatcom County. Dogs (4 months or older for certain cities and 7 months of older for Whatcom County) must be licensed within 30 days of being acquired or moving to Whatcom County or a $10 late fee will be applied. Annual license renewals must occur within 30 days of license expiration or a $10 late fee will be applied.

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Pet 1 Information

Note: Cat registration is only required within the City of Ferndale.
Maximum two breeds. Indicate if purebred.
Maximum two colors
Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required by the Cities of Bellingham, Blaine, and Ferndale. Attach below.

Licensing & Registration

Late fees apply after 30 days of a licensing expiring or first being required. Licenses are required at 4 months old in the cities of Bellingham, Blaine and Ferndale, or 7 months old in unincorporated Whatcom county.
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Thank you for licensing your pet!