Hi! My mom and I adopted a cat from you guys in September. Her name was Shakira, I changed her name to Margo, after Margo in the book Paper Towns. She is such a great fit for me. I wanted a cat that would always be around me, be affectionate and sleep with me, that is exactly who she is. She follows my sleep schedule, at about 6:30am every morning she will wake me up, I absolutely love her!   She is very vocal. When I get home from school she’s normally in my room and starts meowing until I greet her. My mom told me while I was at school the second day we had her she was meowing for me until I came home. She was immediately attached to me. Her first night here we put her in a large crate to get her use to the surroundings and the next night she slept on my bed and has been ever since. She always sleeps on me or next to me. She’s such a funny girl. I love her personality. She is a very precious cat. I’m really glad I was able to adopt her. She is the perfect match for me.

Thank you Whatcom Humane Society!  -Brieanah, Rhonda and Margo.