Baby Squirrels – If the baby appears uninjured and is warm to the touch, place it in a shallow, towel-lined box a the base of the tree and leave it undisturbed for 4-6 hours. Often, the mother will come down and carry the baby off. She will not come down if people or pets are nearby, so stay clear. If the baby is cold, put a hot water bottle under the towel it is resting on and put at the base of the tree. If the mother does not reclaim the baby within 4 hours or by dark, bring the baby inside and keep it warm until it can be taken to a wildlife center. Injured baby squirrels should be taken to a wildlife center as soon as possible.

Adult Squirrels – Adult squirrels can be very aggressive and they have very sharp teeth and claws. If it is injured, place the animal into a escape proof box or carrier wearing heavy leather gloves. Cover the carrier or box with a sheet or towel and call a wildlife center.