Baby Rabbits – If you find healthy bunnies that are 4-5 inches long, able to hop, with eyes open and ears up, they do not need help. They are old enough to survive on their own. If you find a smaller healthy bunny, put it back in the nest and leave it undisturbed for several hours. If the nest has been damaged, put it back together and place a light layer of grass over the baby. Leave the area. The mom will only return at dawn and dusk. If the baby is obviously injured or orphaned, call a wildlife center. Put the animal in a warm box with a towel and keep it in a quiet area. Do not feed the bunny and do not handle the bunny! They can die easily from stress. Take to the wildlife center as soon as possible.

Adult Rabbits – If injured, place the rabbit in an escape proof box or carrier. Wear gloves and cover the animal with a sheet or towel and support the back feet when picking it up. Rabbits can kick very hard and may break their own back by doing so. Cover the box or carrier with a sheet or towel to make it dark. Put in a warm, dark, quiet area until you can get it to a wildlife center.