Fawns – Mother deer leave their fawns alone for large portions of the day. The fawn will settle down and wait for her, curled up in a “don’t notice me” position. This is normal and do not disturb a fawn who is laying down.

If the fawn looks cold, hungry, confused, or sick, call a wildlife center or park ranger. Do not feed the animal. If you must transport the animal, place it in a dog carrier lined with a towel or sheet and cover the carrier with a sheet or towel. Keep it quiet and warm.

Adult Deer – Adult deer are very dangerous and have the potential to hurt or kill you if you try to help them. If the animal is injured please call a wildlife center or the state patrol. Deer are very high stress animals and can actually die from the stress. Keep away from injured adult deer.

For more information, check out this Animal Tales article published by the Bellingham Herald: What should I do if I see an injured deer or fawn?