Baby or Fledgling Birds Contrary to popular myth, touching a baby bird will not cause its parents to reject it. If you find an uninjured baby bird that has no feathers, only soft down or quills, it has probably fallen from its nest. Return the bird to its nest if possible. If you can’t reach the nest, you can make a replacement nest to put in the tallest branch you can reach. The replacement nest can be a small box or a berry basket and it can be attached to the branch with rope or string. Leave the area and watch for the mom bird from a distance. If you don’t see the mom bird coming to the baby in 3-4 hours, you will need to take it to a wildlife center. Injured baby birds should be taken to a wildlife center as soon as possible.

Fledgling birds generally spend a few days on the ground while learning to fly. If the bird has feathers and a short tail, is uninjured, and can stand and hop, it is a fledgling bird and the parents should continue to feed them throughout stage. If there is no danger in the area, they should be left alone. If you think it is orphaned, watch the bird from a distance and see if the parents come and feed it throughout the day. If cats and dogs are a threat, place the bird in nearby bushes or on a tree limb. Try to keep your pets inside. If the fledgling still appears to be in danger or is injured, call a wildlife center.

Adult Birds A bird that has hit a window should be placed in a warm box and put in a quiet place for 3-4 hours. If the bird has not recovered by then, call a wildlife center. To prevent birds from flying into a window, close drapes, hang blinds or place decals on your window. A bird that has been attacked by a cat or dog should be taken to a wildlife center for treatment. Place two large bells on your outdoor cat’s collar to help warn off birds. If you find an injured adult raptor, call a wildlife center before trying to handle the animal. If you must handle the raptor, always wear thick, heavy leather gloves and hold tightly to the legs. Cover their heads with a sheet or towel when handling.