The Whatcom Humane Society has been invested in the welfare of farm animals since its founding in 1902 and that work continues more than 120 years later! Nowadays, WHS operates a farm facility in Whatcom County to care for farm animals in need; cows, pigs, horses, sheep, and goats all call this farm home.

Did you know that the cost of hay has drastically increased in the past year? WHS is currently caring for several horses, cows, sheep and goats that all require hay to keep them fed, happy and healthy. We are currently spending over $2,000 per month for hay and large animals in need continue to arrive at our farm and shelter needing help. You can be a HAY HERO and help keep our farm facility stocked with quality hay all year long. Donate using the link below and help us help large animals in need. With every donation of over $20, you will receive an awesome custom WHS HAY HERO sticker, designed by WHS staffer Mark – which is just cool!

You can use the link below to donate on a one time basis or to set up a monthly recurring donation.