Thank you for choosing to adopt a dog! Take a look at the many wonderful animals available for adoption, then visit our shelter. We’ll help you & your family find the perfect companion.

Dog Adoption Application | Whatcom Humane Society
Thank you for choosing to adopt! Please complete the following questions to help guide our conversation today.
(e-mail addresses are used for registering microchips of adopted pets and for internal lost & found purposes, your e-mail address is not sold for commercial use)
(If your landlord requires an ESA letter, we will not proceed with the adoption process until you have submitted all necessary documentation)
(i.e., # of adults/seniors/children):
Our shelter has dogs who would make great kid companions, dogs who love visiting with kids but don’t want to live with them full-time, and dogs who are uncomfortable or even afraid of children. Tell us more about your lifestyle and plans so we can consider the dog’s kid-capability when picking out your possible pooches
Some dogs require positive, reward-based classes depending on their age, breed, or behavior.
Please sign and date this form in person when you adopt an animal from Whatcom Humane Society.