Hi, my name is Fitz! Here is what would work best for me in my new home:

-Personality: Friendly, affectionate, playful
-Can Live with Cats: Unknown history, will need slow intro to ensure everyone gets along.
-Can Live with Dogs: Fitz’ previous owner said he’s afraid of dogs, but he could potentially coexist with a mellow, cat-savvy one if given a slow, supervised intro.
-Can Live with Kids: Yes, Fitz did well with the kids in his previous home (aged 4, 9, & 11) and could live with respectful kids of any age in his new home.
-Needs Indoor Only Home: Recommended but not required
-History of Litter Box Issues: No
-Energy Level: High
-Bite History: No
-Needs Medical Procedure Before Going Home: Yes, a neuter.

Additional Information: Fitz is a friendly guy who would likely do well in most home environments. He can get a little ramped up with rough handling, so a family that can read and respect his body language and give him space when he needs it would be ideal. Fitz is reportedly harness/leash trained and might enjoy some supervised outside time in his new home. Fitz loves to play but he especially loves to snuggle.