Meet Georgia and Clifford, a bonded pair of bunnies looking for a permanent, responsible and loving home together.  Georgia is a very outgoing adult female Giant Flemish. Clifford is a neutered and subdued adult male Angora.  Together they are about the cutest thing you’ve ever seen!  They are often seen sleeping side by side, and they groom each other regularly.  For this reason, they must be adopted together.

Clifford and Georgia need a home that will treat them like family.  They will need a very roomy cage (Georgia is BIG!), lots of quality hay & fresh water, fresh greens daily, safe things to chew on to keep their teeth trim & healthy, and of course loads of TLC!  Rabbits need time outside their care to ensure they get enough exercise.  Handling them daily will keep them social and healthy.

Please do your research before adopting!  Rabbits require special care – and they live longer than most people think (8-12 years).  For great resources on rabbit care, visit  If you decide it sounds like these guys are a great fit for you, hop on down to the Whatcom Humane Society and meet these two awesome bunnies!