Hi my name is Bogey! Here is what you need to know about me:

-Personality: rambunctious, sweet, loving
-Can Live with Kids: Yes, any age.
-Can Live with Cats: Yes, with slow proper introductions.
-Can Live with Dogs:Yes, need to meet any resident dogs.
-Can do Apartment Living: Yes, with proper exercise and outlets for mental stimulation.
-Potty Trained: Unknown but would love to learn.
-Bite History: No
-Positive Reward Based Obedience Classes Required: Yes, puppy classes would be best.
-Leash Trained: No
-Energy Level: High
-Needs Medical Procedure Before Going Home: Yes, neuter

-Additional Information: Bogey is full of energy!    He loves attention and is eager to get pets. With some training and patience he will be great family dog!!  

If you think that Bogey could be a good fit for your home, come visit the shelter today!