Meet Tahsa! This little cutie pie is young, fun, loving, and ready to be a part of your family. Tasha’s favorite activities include playing, eating, playing, chin scratches, playing, did I mention playing? This little kitty is looking for a family that can keep up with the activity level of a on the go kitty. Tasha also takes her nap time and snuggle time very seriously so she needs a family committed to giving her all the attention a growing kitty needs. Tasha can live with other cats, dogs, and children with proper introductions of course. For socialization reasons it is required that she go to a home with another cat or dog. Little Tasha can live up to 20 years so she is looking for a life long commitment to her love and care. If you have the space in your home and heart for this love bug, come by the shelter for an application!

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