Hi! My name is King Charles. I’m a fun, loving guy with a crazy hair do!  I’m a one year old french angora. I came to WHS as stray so they don’t know much of my history, but since I’ve been here at WHS I have really come out of my shell!  I am very charming and feel I should be treated like royalty. I have to have my hay unlimited and I love my greens (romaine lettuce is my favorite) every day. I will get so excited I start running around crazy when I see you have them! I also need rabbit pellets once a day and fresh bowl of water filled 24/7. I don’t mind being picked up but please make sure you do it properly!  If you aren’t sure what that means, please ask so we can be sure we get off on the right foot!  Also being how young I am I need a responsible home that can take care of me for next 8-10 years of my life. I also need to have regular hair grooming to keep my hay,food and bedding out of my royal hairdo!
If I sound like a royal king and you would love to have me in your family, please stop by the shelter for an application today. I would love to meet you!