Well the weather outside is frightful but Jackson is so delightful!! Spend some time with this sweet older guy and we think you’ll agree! He was surrendered because he was bullying the other resident cat in the home. If given enough space in his new home and plenty of mental stimulation he would likely do fine with another tolerant cat. He lived in his previous home for his whole life so it might take him a little bit of time to warm up to a brand new castle before he’s ready to strut his stuff. He feels safest when he can hide under something and will likely seek that comfort if the house is getting a little too noisy for his liking. He would love nothing more than to binge watch some Netflix with you on the couch and provide his lap warming expertise! He has lived with dogs in the past and would likely do fine with cat savvy dogs as long as they know better than to chase him. He is very tolerant but would likely do best in a home with kids 12 or over since commotion can get overwhelming. We think he would be adorable at any weight but he really needs someone who will be committed to helping him shed some pounds in the future (it’s his New Year’s Resolution). A high quality weight management food and designated playtime/exercise would definitely be a step in the right direction. There’s no place like home for the holidays and Jackson’s wish this year is to have a forever home with you!