Meet Miss Maggie May! This vocal lady is looking for a low-key retirement home. She would prefer to be with her humans 24/7, but if that’s not possible, Maggie would probably benefit from a canine companion who has a similarly mellow energy level. Maggie can be a bit noisy when left alone for long periods of time, so no apartments for this girl! Maggie could live with a confident cat, who has lived with dogs before. She is an older lady, so she’s not up for the playful exuberance of small children, but she could live with kids 8+ who are respectful of her. She is a bit overweight, so she will need a high quality, low calorie diet. She is known to make some pretty cute piggy noises when excited, and she lives for belly scratches. If you think you might be the right home for Maggie, ask for an application at the front desk to meet this cuddly girl today!