Hello, I’m Leonard. They tell me I have this thing called cerebellar hypoplasia but I don’t know what that is. I’ve been like this since before I can remember!  I just get around a little wobbly and sometimes it takes me longer to get there. I fall sometimes – but I’m confident in myself to get back up and try again!  My last home let me roam around outside which wasn’t the best for me since I can’t run very well and my white fur makes it easier for me to get sunburned. I’d like my next home to be indoor only, and preferably with carpet since I have trouble on hard floors.  I can’t do stairs very well either.  I can go to a home with children that are older than six and can understand that I have some trouble getting around sometimes. I absolutely love to be pet and get my belly rubbed. I do enjoy the company of other animals so I could live with an older dog or cat that respects my space and won’t chase me.  If I sound like someone you’d like to meet, stop by the shelter & fill out an application today!