Meet Django!  This boy is active, affectionate, and incredibly smart. You may not know it at first glance of his hefty stature, but his previous owner said he ran 8 miles a day! Django is a gentle boy who would make a great family dog. He’d love a home with a big fenced yard where his people are home most of the time, as he can get a bit lonely (and will let you know by singing you a lovely song!).  Django got along fine with the female dog in his previous home and might be okay living with a doggy sibling in the future, although he can be a bit selective on which dogs he deems to be “friends”.  Any potential canine housemates will have to meet first to ensure they’re a good match. Django would probably do best in a home with no cats or small animals. He’d love to go on daily runs, walks and hikes with his new family, and of course have lots of playtime! He loves toys and is very joyful in play– his exuberant, gleeful nature is sure to bring a smile to your face! Django is quite the gentleman on leash; he’s very attentive and listens well. He takes treats gently and loves to show off his cool tricks! He already knows “Sit”, “Down”, “Stay”, “Shake”, and “High Five”, and is very eager to add more tricks to his repertoire. Django is a great dog through and through, and will be a wonderful buddy and family member to most homes. If he sounds like your type of dude, head to the shelter to meet him!