Meet Minta – a large and in charge dog on the look out for a responsible, loving and permanent home!  Minta is a smart girl that knows sit, stay, shake and down. She is a high energy girl who needs plenty of physical and mental stimulation each day. Without an outlet for her energy she may become destructive or run off to find her own adventures. Minta is a bit on the plus side and will need to be placed on high quality, low calorie diet to help her lose weight. This will greatly enhance her quality of life. Minta prefers to be the only dog in her new home, and cats might be a little too much fun to chase. Due to her size and her strength children in the home should be 8 years and older and have experience with big dogs. Minta probably won’t be a dog park type of dog but would love a home with lots of room to run and play! If you think Minta might be the girl for you, please fill out an application so you can come by & meet her!