This hefty lady is Tug and she’s looking for her next workout buddy!  Tug had a bit of a tough time sticking to her New Year’s Resolution of losing some weight, and is ready to get back on the wagon. She would like a high quality, low calorie diet, and lots of extra play time to help shed some pounds. At her current size, Tug’s quality of life is being negatively impacted– her joints are stressed, she can’t quite make it all the way around her body to groom herself properly, and at times it can be difficult for her to use the litter box (especially trying to do her business in the tight quarters we have at the shelter!) Don’t let this deter you, though, Tug is a kitty with all the best intentions, she just needs the right human to help her along in her journey! Tug has the best rumbly purr, and like many calicos, is a huge talker! She could live with respectful children who aren’t rough with her–she is not comfortable being picked up and carried around! (Likely due to her current size.) Tug prefers to be the only cat in the home. Because she is slow moving, her ideal home will be dog free. If you’re looking for a cat with more to love, head to the shelter for an application to meet her!