For the continued safety and health of our staff, volunteers and public visitors to our Division Street facility, we are currently limiting the total number of people allowed into our building at the same time. Priority access and service will be given to those needing essential services first.

Face masks/coverings are required to enter our building. We ask that social distancing is respected and maintained while inside and outside our facility. Our adoption kennels are open to the public and visitors are welcome to view animals available for adoption.

Essential (PRIORITY) Services Are Considered:
• Looking for a Lost Pet
• Found a Domestic or Wild Animal
• Surrender a Pet
• Scheduled Adoption Introduction
• Scheduled Adoption Pick-Up
• Other Scheduled Appointment
• Pet Licensing
• Animal Control Related Business
• Pet Food Bank Services
• Humane Cat Trap Rentals

For those at risk residents who are not able to leave their homes and obtain services at the Whatcom Humane Society (pet food bank, look for lost pets, surrender a pet) please call our customer service department and we will assist you as we are able.

In-kind donations (pet food, pet toys, towels, blankets, general supplies) can be dropped off in front of our shelter doors anytime and our staff will retrieve them.  Thank you.

To make a monetary donation, please visit the Donate page, call (360) 733-2080, ext # 3002 or mail donation to: WHS ~ 2172 Division Street, Bellingham, WA 98226.  Thank you so much.

Thank you for your continued patience and support during these challenging times. Please stay safe!

(360) 733 – 2080, ext # 0 – General Inquiries & Assistance
(360) 733 – 2080, ext # 3017 – Animal Control & Rescue Department
(360) 966 – 8845 – Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
(360) 733 – 2080, ext # 3002 – Donations
(360) 733 – 2080, ext # 3010 – Licensing ~ Can also be completed online!
(360) 543-6792 – WHS Thrift Shop

Visit our Events page for updates on special upcoming virtual events, workshops, programs and fundraisers.

For general information about animals and the COVID-19 virus, visit:
Center For Disease Control website:

Your driving companion is waiting to be picked up.

We have wonderful pets looking for permanent, loving, responsible homes!

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Humane education programs help develop interest and empathy in young minds.

Where can I get my pet micro-chipped?

We offer this daily at Whatcom Humane. No appointment necessary!

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Animal Control and Rescue Services

We provide for all domestic & wild animals throughout Whatcom County.

Pet Licensing

Get your pet a new license or renew an existing one. Use our quick online form or download a form.

Low-Cost Microchip

We offer this lifesaving service for just $30 at our shelter facility. No appointment is necessary!

Surrender an Animal

As an open admission shelter we provide care for all animals in need, regardless of their age, breed or condition.

Pet Adoption

We have lots of great pets looking for permanent, loving, responsible homes. View them here!

Spay & Neuter

We offer a low-cost spay and neuter assistance program (SNAP) for eligible applicants.

Volunteer Programs

Become one of the dedicated volunteers who help us provide care for thousands of animals each year.

Humane Education

K-12 classroom presentations, fun service projects, summer camp, workshops & more!


Due to the large volume of animals the Whatcom Humane Society receives each day, we cannot identify lost pets over the phone or by email. You must visit the shelter and look for your lost pet in person. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING! If your companion animal is lost, act quickly! Below is some information that we hope will help reunite you with your pet:
Whatcom Humane Society Address:  2172 Division Street, Bellingham, WA  98226 Phone:  (360) 733-2080 Fax:  (360) 733-4746 Shelter Services (licensing, lost & found, redemptions, etc.) Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sunday – Monday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm Closed Tuesdays & Major Holidays
Hanging posters in high traffic areas and delivering flyers door to door is a great way to get the word out in your neighborhood.  You can download a Lost Pet Flyer below to get started!
Each year in the United States, millions of companion animals enter shelters as strays. There are many ways to prevent your four-footed friend from disappearing. These tips can help you beat the odds:

  • Be a responsible pet guardian. Keep your dog or cat safely confined or closely supervised at all times.
  • Spay or neuter your animal. The most effective way to prevent your companion animal from disappearing is to have them spayed or neutered. This will curb their desire to roam.
  • Identification is a lost animal’s ticket home. Always keep a collar and ID tag(s) on your dog or cat.
  • Consider having your animal microchipped, a permanent means of identification. Ask WHS staff about getting your animal microchipped.
  • Safe travel. If you must travel with your dog, cat, or other animal, use a leash or carrier to keep him/her safe.
  • An accurate description of your animal is vital. Keep a record of your animal’s size, with any distinguishing characteristics, along with a current photograph.


We would like to thank you for the concern and effort you have given this animal. Now we hope to reunite him/her with his/her rightful owner. Your responsible and caring actions are greatly appreciated by the Whatcom Humane Society. The following information is to advise you of WHS procedures regarding incoming stray animals.

It is important to know that the Whatcom Humane Society (WHS) is an open-admission humane society, this means that we will accept ANY animal that comes into us. Because of this, our facility accepts an average of over 3,700 domestic animals each year, not including many farm animals that are also brought into our facilities. Sadly, there are not enough homes for all of these animals. Whatcom County, and our country as a whole, are still suffering a tragic pet overpopulation problem, with an average 1.5 million animals being euthanized annually nationwide because new homes are not available. At WHS our goal is to find a loving family for every animal but unfortunately there are simply more animals than there are people who want to adopt them.
These tips are intended to help reunite lost pets with their families:

  • Visit www.findingrover.com or use the Finding Rover app to report the found the pet.
  • Check with residents in the area the pet was found. Go door-to-door.
  • Scan for microchip. Bring the found pet to Whatcom Humane Society or a local vet.
  • Alert the microchip company that you have found a pet and leave your contact info.
  • File a found report with the Whatcom Humane Society.
  • Place found ads on Craigslist under “Lost+Found”,“Pets” or “Lost Pets of Whatcom County.”
  • Create found pet flyers – post near the location the pet was found and high traffic areas.
  • We urge anyone that comes across an unknown animal to use caution, if you do not feel safe, please contact your local animal control or police department immediately.

Thank you for helping reunite a family!

By law we are required to hold all impounded, stray animals at our shelter for a 72 hour (3-day) or a 120 hour (5-day) holding period in order to give the owner an opportunity to find them. We choose to hold all stray animals for the longer 120 hour (5-day) holding period, and this period does not include their day of arrival, Tuesdays or holidays when the shelter is closed. At the end of the stay holding period, our staff will examine and evaluate the animal to determine whether he/she can be placed into our adoption program. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make him/her available for adoption as much will depend on his/her health, temperament/behavior, and availability of space in our adoption kennels. Even if he/she is made available for adoption, we cannot guarantee that someone will choose to adopt him/her, however there are no time-limits on the animals that are made available for adoption so long as the animals is happy, healthy, and there is space available to house them.
The following is a list of conditions under which an animal may not be placed for adoption:

  • They are under 8 weeks of age.
  • Their advanced age is causing extreme medical or physical problems or distress.
  • They are in poor general health or physical condition.
  • Their temperament or behavior is such that they are not safe around humans or other animals.
  • They are showing extreme signs of stress due to being placed in a kennel environment.
  • They show signs of contagious/communicable disease that could infect other animals.
  • There is no space available in the adoption kennels.

Depending on the specifics of the animal’s condition and availability of space, some animals may be placed in foster care until they are old enough to be made available for adoption, held for treatment/observation before being evaluated for adoption, or transferred to other facilities for potential adoption placement.


At WHS every effort is made to find loving homes for the animals in our adoption program. Once an animal is placed into our adoption program, there is no time limit on the animal. Animals may remain in our adoption program for a day, week, month, or longer. However, animals available for adoption may be euthanized if there is a decline in their health, temperament, or physical condition or if space becomes limited and we need to make room for new incoming animals and there are no placement options with other rescue groups or facilities.

If you wish to inquire about this animal, you may do so by calling the shelter at (360) 733-2080 ext. 0. 


If you are interest in adopting this animal, we ask that you come to the shelter before the end of the stray holding period and complete an adoption application. Adoption policies apply, ask staff for details.

What do I do if I find an injured wild animal?

  • Always keep yourself safe first.
  • If you can safely capture the animal, put it in a warm, quiet, undisturbed place.
  • Avoid handling it as much as possible.

Keep in mind that not all wildlife needs our help.

  • Baby birds with feathers spend some time on the ground as they learn to fly, while parents stay nearby.
  • Fawns are left alone for several hours while their mothers go off to feed.

Read more about Finding Injured Wild Animals >>

Call the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center


Interested in adopting? Take a look at the many wonderful animals available, then visit our shelter. We’ll help you & your family find the perfect companion. Read More>>

Hen Solo and Princess Laya

Meet Hen Solo and Princess Laya. These two Silkie chicks are looking for their forever coop!

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Shelter Services (licensing, lost & found, redemptions, etc.)
Wednesday – Saturday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm & Sunday – Monday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Closed Tuesdays & Major Holidays

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Animal Control Dispatch
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Farm Facility:  By Appointment Only

Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:
September-April 9:00 am-5:00 pm
May-August 8:00 am-7:00 pm
(360) 966-8845 – please call, not open to the public

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