Saturday, April 27 @ 1:00 – 3:00 pm at the Whatcom Humane Society

Is your dog reactive on leash or in certain situations? It can be very frustrating but we are here to help! This seminar, presented by Michael Nichols, the brains behind The Dog Guy, will help explain the reason behind your dog’s behavior and ways to not only manage it but improve it!

During this seminar we will:

  • Discuss and review the types of reactivity
  • Determine what kind of reactivity your dog is displaying
  • Apply appropriate methods to manage and improve their responses and behaviors

This workshop is FREE, but registration is required.  Please follow this link to reserve your seat!

Having trouble signing up or just have a question? Call or email Zakia at 360-733-2080 ex. 3116 or

Please do NOT bring pets to this class.